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Salinity Solutions

High efficiency compact desalination systems


Our Story

Salinity Solutions is developing a proprietary system to clean up the world’s water treatment industries. Our technology’s first application aims to reduce the high carbon footprint of lithium extraction and help create a cleaner more efficient way to fuel our demand for electric vehicle batteries.

Our patented brine concentration technology has two game-changing advantages: it’s up to 50% more efficient than traditional reverse osmosis systems, with a 50% smaller footprint. It promises a new, commercially viable, cleaner solution that can be deployed even off-grid.

Lithium extraction is just the beginning. We believe that our technology has the potential to improve a wide range of polluting industries and help to solve the emerging global water crisis.

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Products and services

Salinity's high efficiency reverse osmosis desalination systems offer compact solutions that are
economical and efficient, even at relatively low brine feed volumes.

Watering the Garden

Ground Water Desalination

Minimising waste

Extracting potable or irrigation water from brackish ground water can be expensive and energy intensive.  You also want to avoid returning waste brine to the ground or risk further contamination.

Salinity Solutions offers high recovery rate desalination systems with very low energy consumption.  Our systems are also compact and achieve peak performance at low processing volumes. 

We provide desalination systems that are transportable, able to run on solar power and minimise concentrated brine outputs.

Polluted Water

Mineral Extraction

Maximising recovery

Our high efficiency, high recovery reverse osmosis systems offer the ideal solution to extract high mineral concentrations from ground and mine water feeds.  

By reducing the water content of your feed water, typically by 80%, we significantly reduce transport and downstream processing costs. 

Salinity's systems are the most efficient and compact in the industry, requiring minimum energy and footprint.

The Proving Factory
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